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This Week In Disney Parks Photos: The 25th Anniversary Of Disney’s Hollywood Studios Approaches

The 25th anniversary of Disney’s Hollywood Studios is coming up on May 1, and over the past few weeks, we’ve been sharing photos and looks back at some of the park’s opening day attractions.


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15 Years in a Row: AAA Five-Diamond Award for Victoria & Albert’s

I love the Disneyland Hotel – it completely surrounds guests with the magic and nostalgia of Disneyland park, creating an experience that is unique among our Disney resorts. While all of the hotel’s guest rooms feature magical Disney touches, the Signature Suites are where guests can be fully immersed in the magic of Disneyland. We recently stepped inside these amazing suites to bring you an insider’s look.
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Disney Parks Blog Weekly Recap

Tom also said that guests will be able to select and use their additional FastPass+ entitlements when they hop from park to park. Check Tom’s original post for more details and to let us know what you think. And Seven Dwarfs Mine Train achieved another milestone this week when Walt Disney Imagineering removed the final construction walls from around the attraction. Jennifer shared some of the first photos showing what the entrance will look like, including both the Standby and FastPass entrances.
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Today’s Lesson Plan: runDisney

For 2015, just 59 restaurants made the Five-Diamond list – 47 in the U.S., six in Canada, four in Mexico and one in the Caribbean. Each year AAA reviews nearly 30,000 restaurants, but just 0.2 percent make the AAA Five Diamond. Victoria & Albert’s is the only one in Central and South Florida, and one of only two in Florida.
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Inside the Signature Suites of the Disneyland Hotel

She uses it as a way to get to know herself, a way to see how far she can push herself, a chance set goals and an opportunity to build self confidence. It has taught her to be patient and overcome challenges. All values she feels today’s kids need to learn.
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From 2 Star Hotels To 5 Star Resorts, Orlando Fl Has It All

Going with a household Getaway? Orlando is a great selection if you’re considering going to Disney, perhaps having a little sightseeing, and going to the major destinations and traveler destinations in the Orlando, Florida location. The finest locations to go to are a few of the most popular also, ranking amongst some of the greatest worldwide. Disney, for instance, is among the biggest in terms of size and variety of visitors. But getaways are not only about going places, you also need to consider where to remain, and an Orlando vacation hotel is best for your family holiday.

Luxurious Resorts rather of hotels

Amongst the popular resort places in Orlando, there are hotels that you and your family can remain in while you’re on vacation. That means that you will not have to go far when time comes to turn your vacation thrill up a couple of notches. Simply a short walk’s distance from vacationer attractions, hotels located in resorts are best if you wish to have enjoyable while being near the hotel. This is better fit for those who have to have instant access to their hotel spaces, be it for special requirements or exactly what. Fun in or near the water is wonderful for those who have a love for the coastline.

Hotels near the amusement park

In addition to having full service resorts, there are likewise standalone hotels in the city of Orlando, and these range from two to three-star lodgings. Perfect for everyone with every kind of budget. These hotels are also strategically found in the heart of the city or near existing tourist locations so you know they really have benefit as their trump cards. Many of these hotel will provide complimentary transport to the Theme parks and/or breakfast, to entice visitors to their home.

Hotels inside the amusement park

If ever you wish to have a vacation wherein you begin having thrill right from the moment that you get out of your hotel, then you’ll want to remain in hotels found within the amusement park you’re planning to check out. Disney and Universal provide hotel lodgings right within their parks so that you’ll never ever have to be far from their fun entertainment for everyone in the family. These are luxury accommodations, however with the right package or offer from travel bureau that you’ve reserved with, then these rates might be sensible enough for you to take. SeaWorld doesn’t have any hotels inside the park home, however there are lots of hotels located within walking distance.

Villas and luxury lodgings

Naturally, there’s constantly a presence of super-luxurious lodgings in the area of Orlando, so that anybody who wants to remain in complete pampering in their hotels can book a reservation in luxury hotels while on vacation. Famous names in the hotel industry such as the Peabody or Sheraton have a presence right here. There is no lack in Orlando when it concerns luxury. Of course, there are villas and 3 to 5 bedroom condos for lease as well, so if you’re traveling in a little or moderate group you can rent your very own area while on vacation.

Themed hotels inside the parks

Theme hotels seem like a trademark of Disney, and they deliver on their pledge. With entire hotels having a theme of their own, these hotels promise to deliver an unique experience in their own right. If you’ve ever wished to stay in a hotel that gives visitors a touch of Africa, Disney has one simply for you. Universal Studios as well have simply opened their “Cabana” hotel, a 3 star found within the resort that looks like the hotels in 1960’s to complement their more expensive and elegant 5 star resorts.

But any place you go and whatever budget you might have, there will constantly be an Orlando Vacation Hotel that’s right for your budget and provide perfect accommodations for everybody in the family.

From Theme Parks To Clear Coastlines, Florida Has Everything

Still questioning why Florida is among the very best holiday destinations for the whole household? Just go through all that America’s ‘Sunshine State’ needs to offer and you’ll understand.

Beginning with its climate so warm and continuing with its clear blue water and exotic coral islands, going with the nature reserves, world-famous coastlines to amusement park and the Kennedy Space Centre, Florida offers amuse to the whole household.

Orlando ended up being one of the leading vacation destinations in all of the United States since 1971 when Disney Land opened its gates. This home entertainment capital is world-famous as the your home of Disney World ®, however even without Disney, Orlando would be a magical kingdom. SeaWorld, Cypress Gardens, and Universal Studios are just a few of the destinations. Orlando, normally blessed with an environment that is rival just by the temperate conditions of southern California is proud of the Walt Disney Resort that periods even more than 47 miles and is your home not simply to one, however to several Disney Resorts.

The household of Disney Resorts that jointly make up Orlando’s Walt Disney World consist of the Magic Kingdom, the Epcot Center, the Disney-MGM Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. At the Magic Kingdom Resort, it’s the popular members of the Disney film family that are center phase. This park’s well-known attractions are “It’s a Small World”, “Peter Pan’s Flight”, the “Cinderella Castle”, the most identifiable of Disney’s icons, the Jungle Cruise” and “the Magic Carpets of Aladdin”. Universal Studios is a place where you can live out your imagine being a movie star, is a mix of working movie studio and style park. Sea World’s Wild Artic will lead you through the world of polar bears and beluga whales. Disney-Hollywood Studios’ Twilight Zone consists of a 13-story plunge in the Tower of Terror.

Science and the spirit of exploration are the name of the video game at Disney’s Epcot Center. Popular destinations here include: “Mission Space”, “Test Track”, and “Turtle Talk with Crush”. This is a great area to take the children in order to fuel their interest and childlike curiosity for the mysteries of science.

A holiday in Orlando is something special for a variety of reasons not just the surrounding style parks. Orlando is controlled by Lake Eola and is an excellent center for shopping and eating. The trendy boutiques of Thorton Park, antique stores on Orange Avenue, 150 difficult golf courses within a 45-minute drive, and plenty of night life verify Orlando caters to grownups, too. The most well-known downtown icon is Church Street Station, a collection of dining establishments, bars and shops which actually comes alive in the evening as the air cools and the music bars get going. The Orlando Science Center and the Orlando Museum of Art will supply you searchings for about Mayan civilization.

If you want to find the ‘Real Florida’ go to Ocala National Forest, a wonderful nature reserve with numerous natural springs and lakes, and wonderful hiking, canoeing, fishing and swimming or check out the Blue Spring State Park which, for hundreds of years, was the home of the Timucuan Indians. You should not miss out on the manatee’s home at the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge where moving birds stop on their method to and from South America.

Palm Beach and Miami Beach are probably the most famous beaches on the Atlantic ‘Gold’ Coast. The golden beaches, warm and clear sea, the great sand sea is are making this area of coastline suitable for kids. The environment on the streets, the food, the music and the spirit in Miami are vibrant due to the Hispanic population. The Art Deco Historic District, a collection of bright pink, lavender and turquoise buildings dating from the 1920s, is among the most amazing parts of town.

From Where To Stay And What To Do, Read This Orlando Florida Summer Season Tips

Orlando is a hot part of the earth and come summertime the humidity and temperature level can reach triple digits. Even worse still, weeks of heat happen specifically when school is out and households visit Walt Disney World. No one in her right frame of mind thinks about heat, humidity and crowd a wonderful combo, however with some planning, your family’s summer season vacation to Disney World can still be enjoyable.

Remaining at an on-property Disney hotel is an excellent beginning. You can commute to the parks in air-conditioned comfort using Disney bus, monorail or water transport. This is definitely a better option than driving a vehicle that has actually been baking in the sun for hours.

Another reward for remaining on a Disney property is that you can benefit from the Extra Magic Hour. On designated days, a Walt Disney World amusement park will open an hour early for Disney Resort guests only. With that extra hour, you have time to pause during the afternoon for a swim or a nap. Some resorts even have water activities, such as water snowboarding and surfing lessons, which are perfect for a hot day.

Pack a few water-mister fans. These little gizmo’s are life-savers. It’s thrill to get the Mickey variation in the park, however why pay $15 a pop if you can get them at Wal-Mart for $4.95 each? Kids will be contesting them, so getting a few of them cheaply and packing additional batteries to go is a clever option.

If you have a Park-Hopper Pass, cool down by seeing the theme park. Both Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon offer lots of enjoyable for the entire household in the kind of slides or raft rides. The water parks get crowded in a hot day rather quickly, so if you arrive at 11 am or after, expect lots of queuing in the hot sun.

This is apparent, but vital to mention nonetheless: outfit light and wear shoes. A lot of theme-park guidebooks recommend appropriate shoes and socks, however with the heat and humidity, covering your feet in socks isn’t really really going to help.

Bear in mind to consume lots of water. If somebody in your group does get dehydrated, get to the First Aid Station. Each Disney style park has one.

This is the very best tip, which is why I’m conserving it for the last. If you have tots, let them set the speed. Children get irritable quickly in the heat. This is more so thinking about that while you are taking a look at castles, they visit a hot stroller with absolutely nothing fascinating at eye level. So if the children are tired, go to somewhere with air-conditioning, have a break in a dining establishment, or do anything that permits everyone to cool down.

Exactly How Hot Is The Summer Season At Disney World Orlando Fl?

Are you preparing a Walt Disney World vacation however have to get a concept of exactly what the weather condition will be like when you go? Be prepared for exactly what Mother Nature might throw at you. In this post, you’ll have handy the typical day-to-day low and high temperature levels (Fahrenheit), typical daily humidity portion, and the typical variety of rainy days for each month of the year.

In January, the ordinary low is 50 degrees and the typical high is 72. The humidity typical falls at 72.5 %, and the variety of rainy days this month typically gets is 6.

For February, the ordinary low and high is 51 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit, respectively. The daily humidity averages at 70.5 % and February gets roughly 7 days of rain.

In March, the average everyday low will hit 56 degrees and the high will get up to 79. The day-to-day humidity average is relatively low for Disney World/Orlando: 69.5 %. The variety of rainy March days is 8.

As for April, you’ll be asleep in 60 degree temperature, and you’ll discover yourself participating in activities with 79 degree weather outside. This month likewise has the most affordable average everyday humidity of the year at 67.5 %, and the rainy days balance out at 6.

In May, anticipate to delight in a daily low average of 66, but this month things begin to actually heat up– the typical day-to-day high jumps to 83 degrees. You’ll experience the day-to-day humidity average at 68.5 %, and it usually rains 9 days out of the month.

For June, you’ll sleep in 71 degree weather condition typically however awaken to temperature levels attempting to reach 91 degrees. The typical daily humidity is 73.5 %, and the rainy days jump up to 14.

As for July, the ordinary low and high daily temperature levels are 73 and 92, respectively. Humidity averages out at 75 %, and 17 days out of the month rain might impede your strategies.

The situation doesn’t improve in August. The typical high and low is still stuck at 92 and 73 degrees Fahrenheit, the humidity ticks up a bit at 76.5 % usually, and it rains 16 days out of the month.

For the month of September, the average low and high falls at 90 and 72 degrees, the ordinary day-to-day humidity reads 76 %, and it’ll rain on your parade around 14 days out of the month.

The month of October lastly sees some improvement. The typical high and low fall to 85 and 65 degrees, and the humidity percentage falls a few portion indicate 73.5 %. In addition, the number of rainy days re-enters the single digits at 9.

As for November, you’ll rest to a 59 degree typical temperature level, and enjoy your vacation experience in a balmy 79 degrees. The high humidity sticks around at 73 %, and the rainy days drop down even further to 6.

Lastly, in the month of December, you can explore the park at a comfy 73 degrees and call it a night with temperature levels falling to 53. The humidity level and the variety of rainy days remain quite stable at 73.5 % and 6, respectively.

Similar to you would not enter your automobile to go to work without taking a look at (or listening to) the traffic or weather forecast, you shouldn’t be oblivious about the typical weather at Disney World, or any vacation location. Now that you understand what to anticipate, you can plan accordingly. Excellent luck and have a fantastic time!

Disney Parks Blog Time Capsule: April 2013

One year ago this month, we were looking back with fondness on a Disney Legend and looking ahead with excitement to new experiences coming to Magic Kingdom Park . Let’s take a look at what we were working on April 2013 here on the Disney Parks Blog .

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How to Ride a Bicycle Built for Four with the Dapper Dans of Disneyland

What really caught my attention was how easy they made it look. How do four men ride one bicycle together? I had to know … so I asked them to show us!
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Step in Time: ‘Share A Dream Come True’ Parade Marks 100 Years of Magic

One of my favorite scenes that guests got to take part in was the famous scene from “I Love Lucy,” in which Lucy and Ethel take on a speeding conveyer belt of chocolates. The guest would take on the role of Ethel. Were you ever chosen to participate in SuperStar Television? Tell us about it in the “Comments” section below!
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Tokyo Disney Resort Welcomes 600 Millionth Guest

The “Share A Dream Come True” parade made its debut at Magic Kingdom Park on October 1, 2001, just in time for Walt Disney World Resort’s 100 Years of Magic Celebration, which celebrated the 100th anniversary of Walt Disney’s birth. Gallery view all The parade kicked off with a mini float, upon which a performer dressed as an animator sketched Mickey Mouse at his desk and was followed by a string of floats that each showcased a different Disney film.
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A ‘Hollywood’ Classic: SuperStar Television

Our friends at Tokyo Disney Resort celebrated an amazing milestone earlier this month, welcoming their 600 millionth guest on April 12. So who was the 600 millionth guest? Yumi Sakai, who was visiting the park with her husband and two children. To celebrate, Yumi was given flowers and asked to help lead a special ceremony alongside Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse.
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Disneyland Paris Versus Disneyworld – The Very Best Of Both Worlds.

If you have ever taken pleasure in Disney World Florida or have found out about it, you will like a low-cost holiday vacation at Disneyland Paris. Located simply twenty miles from Paris the extraordinary production is likewise called Euro Disney. You will find shops, hotels and restaurants. You will discover the 2 parks just like Magic Kingdom and the Disney Hollywood Studios. The one park comparable to Magic Kingdom has forty-two tourist attractions while the Disney Studio has thrilling flights in a film like setting. You will discover you remain at Disneyland Paris an adventure of a different kind.

The Main Street USA is a walk you will not forget. The stream train is a flight that you will not forget. Disneyland Paris has some more recent things than you will find in Disneyworld. The fireworks at sunset and the thrilling flights are simply one part of Euro Disney. You can see the fantasy parades and if you visit at Christmas, you are visiting a parade that you will bear in mind permanently. You will see the live shows and see all the holiday decorations that make Disneyland Paris a winter season paradise without the real snow. The appeal of the location can be seen from everywhere you look.

If you take pleasure in shopping, you will find the little stores are really good to shop in for the enthusiastic shopper. The nearby shopping mall is among the biggest in Europe. You will require to take the train or a taxi to the shopping mall. You are going to find outlet shops and designer stores dealing with the newest fashions. If you find yourself damaged after a day of shopping, you could desire to attempt a restaurant for a bit of leisure. There are lots of sophisticated restaurants along with casual dining establishments.

Your low-cost holiday vacation is going to be exciting in Paris, however with the various restaurants with some fine food, you will taste some foods such as French, American and Italian cuisines. There are also has lots of convenience food dining establishments with a household atmosphere. If you wish to enjoy an actual down your home cowboy cookout, the Cowboy Cookout in Frontierland will offer you with something just experienced in this part of Paris. Given that you are enjoying the theme parks in Paris, you could wish to see some other attractions in the location.

The hotels in the area are simply as good as you can discover elsewhere. You will discover lots of various style hotels near Disneyland Paris and the surrounding location. You will discover some luxury hotels as well as many family oriented hotels. You will discover that numerous of the hotels are located near the amusement park and the other attractions. When you prepare your low-cost holiday vacation to Disneyland in Paris, you will wan to have a package that consists of plane tickets, hotel and some passes for the style parks. If you stay at a hotel that offers shuttle services from the airport to the hotel and back, you will likewise eliminate the need this site for transportation costs.

Filmmaker Wants To Explore Dark Side Of Walt Disney World – Orlando Sentinel

Of course, theres equipment to buy, too, and travel expenses. But, if the filmmakers can achieve and surpass their financial goals, they might want to expand beyond Walt Disney World and even explore Disneyland or other far-flung Disney resorts around the globe, according to the Kickstarter page. The filmmakers acknowledge that the project faces certain risks. But they ask the eternal question: If it was easy, why do it?
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“sea Rescue” And “the Wildlife Docs” Are New This Weekend!

On Sea Rescue an orphaned killer whale calf turns up in the busy waters off Seattle and she’s in grave danger of being hit by a boat. Rescuers are there to help, and so begins an extraordinary and historic international effort to reunite the killer whale, Springer, with her family. On The Wildlife Docs experience the fascinating world of the anteater. Adelhi, a giant anteater, receives her first checkup since she gave birth.
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Then, the vets head to Busch Gardens’ 65-acre Serengeti Plain for a house call on a gazelle. Sea Rescue and The Wildlife Docs air nationally on ABC on Saturday mornings during “Litton’s Weekend Adventure” and are among the most popular Saturday morning shows. They are part of the #1 rated block on Saturday mornings and are consistently rated #1 in the top ten U.S. markets including the four largest: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Philadelphia. Currently in its third season, Sea Rescue has been seen by more than 120 million viewers.
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Scientists Find Experimental Support for Killer Whales’ Ability to Learn New Dialects

Scientists Find Experimental Support for Killer Whales’ Ability to Learn New Dialects by Staff Comments A team of scientists from Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute (HSWRI) and SeaWorld San Diego has provided the strongest evidence yet that killer whale dialects are learned. The study found that juvenile male killer whales are capable of learning new call types when they undergo a change in social association. Killer whales have vocal repertoires that scientists call ‘dialects’ because they’re composed of calls unique to particular social groups. Discovering how whales develop these dialects hasn’t been possible in the wild because of the inherent challenges in tracking an individual whale’s vocalizations and behavior regularly and for extended periods of time. The HSWRI study took advantage of the unique habitat at SeaWorld that was outfitted with multichannel video and eight hydrophones.
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Easter Sunday Services At Walt Disney World – National Disney World |

Flying the not so friendly skies of American Airlines

Easter is one of the holiest days of the years for many Christians, and they do not want to miss church just because they aren’t home. Walt Disney World makes things easy by holding Easter services on the property. On April 20 there will be two Catholic masses held. The first will take place at 8:00am and the second at 10:15am. There will also be a protestant service held at 9:00am.
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